19289196380_7515282dee_oTop row from left to right: Ian, Adrian, Hunter, Jeffrey, Mike, Dr. Goldstein, Kathryn, Lisa, Rebecca, Joshua, Joseph, and Kyla. Bottom row from left to right: Jasmine, Pa, Kristin, Alissa, and Katy.

I would like to thank the MSU Campus Archaeology Program’s Dr. Goldstein, Lisa Bright (Campus Archaeologist), and my colleagues who worked in the lab with me. Without their knowledge, empowerment, and support I would not have been given this opportunity to learn and grow.

To Dr. Goldstein, for giving me the opportunity to work in her lab. Without her kindness and caring heart I would not have been able to learn how to properly excavate, conduct my research on maker’s marks, and learn how to handle artifacts with care.

To Lisa Bright, Campus Archaeologist, who was patient with me when I would ask the same question over and over again; even when cataloging took a lot longer than expected. She has also been the helping hand who taught me about graduate school.

To my colleagues in the lab who worked with me to label, catalog, and other duties to make it a successful internship.

To those who supported me throughout my research project and time while trying to handle school, work, and personal struggles.

Finally, I am thankful for spending my 2015 summer and fall with students who are just as curious as I am.