My experience in ANP 464 and ANP 476 has been filled with growth in my academic and personal life. The amazing relationships and knowledge I have learned will forever be carried throughout my career. This experience is one of a kind that I highly recommend to any anthropology student. It is a great way to learn about archaeology and the methods of excavation.

In ANP 464, it gave me the opportunity to have hands-on experience in the field unlike a lecture course. I learned how to: excavate, identify features and changes in the soil color, mapping the floor of a level, the importance of note-taking and testing elevation level. The last week made me realize how lucky I was to have had this experience with fellow anthropology students. My favorite part was when I felt more comfortable cleaning the walls and recovering artifacts. It was an accomplishment I didn’t see coming into the course. But I cherish the all moments and education that I have received throughout the course and at MSU. It made me feel like the end was just the beginning.

In ANP 476, it allowed me to learn more about lab work in archaeology. I learned how to care, bag, and catalog artifacts. By conducting research and analyzing maker’s marks, I learned how to look at the details in depth and was able to apply my Photoshop skills too. Also, it helped me learn to use other resources than just the Internet to date the maker’s marks. I find it common now a days to use Google for everything but I was able to look at books and pdfs of documented records.

While being involved in several organizations throughout the years at MSU, this internship gave me another opportunity to work with students from different background, views and belief, and personality. When I get the chance, I always find these moments to be very valuable, especially when working in a group, to engage and learn about others.

19476780305_c1fa7bdcaa_o.jpg Photo: Working in Unit A

I am a person with a curious personality whether it is in politics, archaeology, or science. I believe that every moment is a learning opportunity. From that, I personally believe that this internship has contributed to my academic career in 3 ways.

The first way is building a professional reputation for myself. Getting the opportunity to work with graduate students has encouraged me to grow and better myself in my academics and work. By surrounding myself with them I feel like I have set my standards higher than before. I want to challenge myself to develop new skills and widen my experience.

The second way the internship has contributed to my academic career is through research. By conducting research on the collected maker’s marks I experienced what it felt like to take charge of a research. I got the chance to learn how and where to use resources, analyze artifacts, and created my own poster. As an undergraduate student I always found it to be a struggle when it came to having to use different resources to write a paper. But due to the internship I feel more confident in myself when it comes to that.

The third way the internship and the field methods course have contributed to my academic career is by understanding the importance of education. I was able to learn hands-on and from that, I felt more engaged and involved with my peers and professor than regular lecture course. As a first year college student at a four-year institution I didn’t have a lot of people who went to college. So, I grew up not know what college was or how important it was to connect and make relationships with others. This internship made me feel connected and more active in that and in research.

From here on, I plan to continue my fifth year focused on research and academics. I will use my previous experience in the field methods course and internship to continue to grow professionally and personally. Although I am still considering different graduate programs, I plan to use my archaeology experience in graduate school.

19289241268_e42f791bbb_o.jpgPhoto: Ian and Pa